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July 6, 2018

RDevDSFB Statement On Current River Conditions and Angling Guidance (Update)

The River Deveron District Salmon Fishery Board (RDevDSFB) are extremely concerned about the current stress Deveron fish stocks are under, due to the combination of prolonged dry weather, high river

May 9, 2018

To the Journey’s End:The Lifecycle of the Atlantic Salmon

Possibly for the first time, the life-long struggle of the Atlantic salmon has been documented on film from the North East of Scotland. View Film Here

May 9, 2018

A Magical Trip to the Deveron

Scotland has always seemed like a magical place to a boy from the antipodes. As a young child it was the excitement and awe of reading about fierce Scottish warriors

April 18, 2018

‘River Champion’ Award – Deveron

Mr Robert McConnell (Trust Hon Membership Secretary) has recently been recognised as a ‘River Champion’ by the River Restoration Centre! The success of projects aiming to improve rivers for wildlife

April 12, 2018

SISI Seasonal Volunteer Coordinator

Karen Muller joins us as a new staff member at the Deveron, Bogie and Isla Rivers Charitable Trust. Karen is the Seasonal Volunteer Coordinator for the Scottish Invasive Species Initiative

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